Мануал по оформлению статей находится в Project:Manual of Style. Эта страница является руководством по структуре страниц.

Основная структура статей Править

Статья — это страница основного пространства или категория, описывающая контент игры Undertale или тесно связанная с ней. Все страницы основного пространства являются статьями, за исключением основной страницы.

Первый абзац статьи (вступление) должно кратко излагать тематику статьи: что она из себя представляет и какое значение имеет в Undertale. Пустые разделы должны быть опущены. Первое упоминание тематики статьи должно быть в жирном шрифте.

Заголовки статьи Править

DISPLAYTITLE — волшебное слово, используемое для изменения отображаемого названия статьи.
{{tocright}} — шаблон, располагающий содержание страницы в правую сторону. Он используется, когда содержание слишком большое, и, будучи в правой стороне статьи, оно не заслоняло бы её текст. Его нельзя использовать в статьях с инфобоксом, потому что он выдвинется вниз, под содержание.
  • {{For}} — шаблон, используемый в случае небольшой неоднозначности. Располагается над инфобоксом.
Инфобокс — шаблон, используемый для отображения важной информации о тематике статьи. Он располагается в верхней части страницы, под шаблонами и волшебными словами, или в верхней части раздела статьи, если ею рассматривается несколько подтем. Список инфобоксов этой вики можно найти здесь.

Page body Править

Page body is the main content of the article, containing all the information about the topic. Sectioning of the body is done depending on the type of the page. More information can be found below.

Article footer Править

Trivia sections are bullet-point lists located at the end of the main content of an article containing interesting, little-known facts that cannot be incorporated into an article effectively. Trivia takes the lowest priority, meaning any information should be attempted to be added to the main text before being placed in trivia. If several trivia points can be lumped into a category, do it. (ex: if Sans's trivia mentions there is a connection to Gaster 3 times, add a "Gaster" subsection in Relationships). Trivia must be true.
References and citations are placed at the end of an article, above navboxes but below Trivia.
Navboxes are templates used for navigation. They contain links to articles related to the article they are placed on, and very often auto-add categories to the articles. Navboxes are meant to be placed below all sections. All navboxes are using {{Navbox}} template as a base. List of all navboxes can be found here.
Translation links

Translation links are links to the same article translated into other languages. They are put below the navbox but above categories of the article.

Categories are displayed at the bottom bar on pages and are useful for grouping information as well as navigation. Note that some templates auto-add categories to an article, so additionally adding categories to an article is unnecessary. Adding irrelevant categories to articles is prohibited by the wiki policy.
Other magic words
Other magic words, such as should be at the very bottom of an article.

Character and Monster pages Править

Character and Monster pages should use {{Infobox character}} template as an infobox and {{Navbox characters}} as a navbox. They all need to be in the characters category or in one of the subcategories of it.

Character page body should be divided the following way:

- Introduction
== Profile ==
=== Appearance ===
=== Personality ===
== Main Story ==
=== Neutral Route ===
=== True Pacifist Route ===
==== Epilogue ====
=== Genocide Route ===
== In Battle ==
== Relationships ==

Regular monster page body should be divided the following way:

- Introduction
== Profile ==
=== Appearance ===
=== Personality ===
== Main Story ==
=== Neutral Route ===
=== True Pacifist Route ===
=== Genocide Route ===
== In Battle ==
=== Appears with ===
=== Attacks ===
=== Strategy ===
=== Quotes ===
=== Flavor Text===
== Relationships==

Introduction Править

A brief description of the character, stating what they are and their role in Undertale.

Profile Править

Appearance Править

The physical characteristics of the character, including their clothes.

Personality Править

Traits and qualities of a character, this may include their likes and interests.

If there is information relevant to the character, but not applicable to any of the two subsections, it should be put after Profile and before Appearance.

Main Story Править

Summarized narration of the plot without much detail and closely related to the character in question. Before the subsections should be the events that happened before the protagonist fell into the Underground.

Neutral Route Править

Events that happen in all routes of the game. Due to the nature of the Genocide Route, there may be exceptions.

True Pacifist Route Править

Events that happen only in the True Pacifist Route. Since this route differs to the Neutral Route only towards the end, it is not necessary to restate what has already been stated in the previous subsection.

Epilogue Править

Events that happen in the epilogue after defeating Asriel, and during and after the credits sequence.

Genocide Route Править

Events that happen only in the Genocide Route.

In Battle Править

Depending on the length of this section, it may be forked into a subpage. In Battle should be divided the following way:

  1. Attacks
  2. Strategy
    1. Pre-Battle (if applicable)
    2. Post-Battle (if applicable)
  4. Flavor Text

Relationships Править

This section should list and describe the relevant relationships of the character in question, divided into subsections per each character. This description should include how the character in question regards and behaves toward the character of its subsection.

Item pages Править

Item pages should all be in the items category or subcategories of that category, and should use {{Infobox item}} as an infobox and {{Navbox items}} as a navbox.

Item page body should be sectioned in the following way:

- Introduction
== Additional Uses ==

Introduction Править

States what type of item it is, where is it found, and (if applicable) its counterparts. Any special effects of its intended use that may not be clear from the item's infobox should go here as well.

Additional Uses Править

This section should list in bullet list format, the special uses an item may have, and their effect(s).

Soundtrack pages Править

{{Infobox music}} infobox should be used. Documentation for this template can be seen here. On those pages can be used {{Navbox soundtrack}} and {{Navbox soundtrack demo}} depending on in which of the categories should the soundtrack go. All sountrack pages have music category as a root.

Soundtrack pages do not have a correct sectioning, and any section can be added between the Trivia and introduction section as long as it contains enough information in it.

In Battle pages Править

In Battle pages are pages where in battle information of several characters is moved, so it does not clutter the original page. They must be subpages of the character whose battle they are describing. Infobox used on those pages is {{Infobox in battle}}, and no navbox should be used. All In Battle pages must be categorized in the In Battle category.

Body of In Battle pages should be structured like this:

- Introduction
== Attacks ==
=== Soul modes ===
=== Patterns ===
== Strategy ==
== Mechanics ==
== Quotes ==

Introduction Править

The beginning of the article is the summary. For those who do not want to look through it all - convenience.

Attacks Править

Any unique elements applying to all attacks are stated here.

Soul modes Править

If a soul mode other than red is used in the battle, the colors used and the points in battle when they appear are detailed. Otherwise, this header and section are not present.

Patterns Править

Patterns should, as much as possible, be stated in chronological order.

[color] Mode (This header is used only if multiple soul modes are present.)
* Each bullet includes the appearance of bullets, the way the bullets move, the color of the bullets if they are not white, and the damage dealt if the protagonist is LV 1 and wears the bandage or no armor. Damages in the genocide route are not detailed.

Strategy Править

How to end the encounter is recorded here. Violence is only mentioned if it is required to be used.

Mechanics Править

Unique mechanics are listed here. This section is only used if there are at least four sentences worth of content.

Quotes Править

Quotes from the battle and flavor text are detailed here. Pre-battle quotes are included, but only enough to provide immediate context.

Files Править

All files on the wiki need to have a proper description, licensing information, categories, etc. added to them. That can be achieved using {{Fileinfo}} template. Additional information can be found on its documentation page.

Templates Править

Шаблон:For All templates on the wiki also must have standards, like other pages. Every template needs to contains a brief documentation on how to use it, along with some samples. Documentation should be on a separate page in the template namespace, suffixed with /doc, so if the original template was located on Template:A its documentation would be located on Template:A/doc page.

All templates are categorized in one of the subcategories of the templates category. Template documentation pages are categorized under the template documentation category

Categories Править

Categories on Mamvik Вики are an easy way of grouping information and navigation. They sometimes behave like articles, as mentioned above.

All categories must be categorized in other categories, except Category:Browse, which is the root category of the wiki.

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